Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box
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Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box

Zeus Electrosex Six Channel Deluxe Power Box

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Product Code: VF551
Brand: Zeus Electrosex
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The Six Channel Deluxe Power Box from Zeus Elecrosex.

It features six outputs, each with its own adjustable intensity.

It offers 6 different wave patterns and two knobs for adjusting the frequency and wave lengths of those patterns.

It has a timer to control the length of your session. It has so much more. It even has an accupoint detection pen to help you find the best points to stimulate.

With the two included adapters this kit can be used with all of our accessories. With a big bag of accessories you can turn this on and hook up a whole party all at once.

The included accessories are amazing. It comes with five alligator clip leads, each of which comes with conductive rubber pads that they attach to. That alone allows you to energize five points on your body. It also included ones tens pin lead wire with two adhesive pads. It has three elastic bands for affixing the rubber pads.

With all of those accessories, all the features, and all the compatible accessories, this is more of an Electrosex Power Party than a Power Box. While it's accessible to beginners, there's almost no end to the possibilities that this box presents.

Kit includes:

• 1 Acupoint detecting pen

• 6 sets of Output wires

• 5 alligator clip lead wires

• 1 TENS pin lead wire

• 10 non-adhesive conductive rubber pads

• 2 Self-adhesive conductive TENS pin pads

• 4 Power micromagnets

• 3 Rubber bands (1 small, 1 medium & 1 short)

• 1 Instruction maunal and acupoint figure

• 1 DC 9v adaptor

Accupoint Detection: The unit included an accupoint detecting system. By adjusting the sensors and dragging the detecting pin over the body you can find the most conductive areas where your electrosex contacts will have the most effect.

Automatic Safety Shut Off: The unit features a timer that must be set every time the unit is in use. When the timer runs out a tune will play, indicating that it must be reset. Also, if the unit is switched on and the power to any of the lead ports is turned on the tune will play and the unit will refuse to start. This protects the user from accidentally shocking themselves.

Battery Mains Powered: A 9 volt adapter is included with every unit, allowing you to plug the unit into the mains and use it indefinitely. If more portability is required, the unit will also take 6 C batteries.

How Elecrosex Works:

Electrosex toys operate by running electrical pulses from one contact to another. When those contacts are applied to the human body the current will flow through the easiest possible route from one to the other. Those electrical pulses will excite and stimulate the muscles and nerves in between. However, the sensations will be most noticeable around the two contact points. By varying pattern of pulses, pulse width, and pulse frequency the user can drastically adjust the sensations they’ll experience. When applying the contacts to erogenous zones with lots of nerves, the experience can be quite orgasmic.


6 Isolated Lead Ports: This means that the user can plug in six leads or accessories at once, and stimulate up to 12 points. Each port has an independent intensity control knob, allowing the user to apply the appropriate intensity through each accessory or lead.

Adjustable Stimulation Patterns: The buttons in the middle allow the user to choose one of 5 stimulation patterns. The knobs to the left and the right adjust the frequency and width of pulses in that pattern. By adjusting the patterns, pulse frequency, and pulse width the user can find the sensation that works best for them.

How to Use:

1. First clean off the areas that you intend to apply contacts to. When placing contacts, be sure to either keep them below the waist or on one side of the body, taking care that the current won’t be flowing through the heart.

2. Make sure that all the of the lead port intensity dials are turned off before turning on the machine, then set the timer, and push the power button.

3. Choose a stimulation pattern. First push down one of the stimulation pattern buttons in the middle, then adjust the left and right frequency knobs to about midway.

4. Plug an attachment into a lead port.

5. Apply the contacts to your body.
- The non-adhesive rubber contacts are best applied after rubbing the area with salt water or ideally with a dab of electrogel. You can get the rubber pad to stick by using either one of the included elastic bands or a strip of medical tape. The alligator clip leads will easily hook onto the rubber pads.
- The adhesive TENS pin contacts can be stuck straight to clean skin, and are compatible with the TENS pin leads.
- You can also use any other compatible accessory.

6. Start stimulating yourself. At this point you want to turn the intensity knob above the lead port or ports that you’re using up. It will click and you may start to feel a slight tingle. From here you’ll want to try to find the intensity that works best. You’ll likely also want to adjust the frequency knobs to get the ideal stimulation pattern, speed, and intensity.

Accupoint Detection:

This rather unique feature of this machine helps you find especially conductive points on your body. In theory these should be the best contact points to stimulate. Doing this is simpler than you’d think.

First turn your timer counterclockwise to the filled in circle symbol. Then push in the far right stimulation pattern button, the one marked DET. Now plug your accupoint detection pen into Detection Outlet A, right next to the dial marked APD. When you’re ready to start hit the power button.

You’ll want to grip the shaft of the accupoint detection pen firmly in one hand. You’ll want to draw the point of the pen over the skin, pushing down to get a solid connection. You won’t feel anything from the pen. However, when you hit an especially conductive point, your box should light up and make noise. The APD dial will adjust the sensitivity of the pen. Set to 9 or 10, the machine will beep and light up when touched to anywhere on your skin. Set to 1 or 0 and you’ll be unlikely to find anywhere that sets it off. You’ll want to find a level that doesn’t beep when pressed against your skin anywhere, but still does find some points. It may take some probing to find the spots your looking for and some adjustment to get the APD sensitivity right.

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